Pluralization—one, two, few, many, etc

Counting stuff in English is simple which is why translations in Crowdin for English usually just has two options, e.g.

1 record
<any other value> records

In Russian, for example, the ending of the noun changes depending on the last digit in the quantity, e.g.

1 запись
22 записи
345 записей

Luckily, Crowdin has a fairly easy way of dealing with these numbers using the plural operator, e.g.

{NUMBER, plural,
zero {# записей}
one {# запись}
few {# записи}
many {# записей}
other {# записей}

Notice the use of one, few, many determines which noun ending to use. And Crowdin knows what “few” means in e.g. Russian.

I’m not sure which other languages has similar syntax, but at least there’s a fairly easy way to get around it :slight_smile:

The full Crowdin documentation is available here and if your curious about pluralization rules in other languages, have fun!


In Spanish:

{NUMBER, plural,
zero {# registros}
one {# registro}
few {# registros}
many {# registros}
other {# registros}

Hi Dairo,

Spanish is simple like English :slight_smile:

In this case you can just use

{NUMBER, plural,
one {# registro}
other {# registros}


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