Translating the Data Mobilisation Course (Spring 2021)

Thank you all for volunteering to help with translating.

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Should we translated the names of the cards in the game?

French people: how to you translate “stakeholder”? I am tempted to put “acteur” but I can see at least one of you already used “intervenant” (see here). Any preference?

We do have the translated versions of the cards in Google Docs. Let me link to those. I can make those available as PDF for now. We are working towards bringing the Field Museum repository for the card game into the course, but that will happen later.

Here is the link in GitHub to the individual card groupings. Each folder has a language version that you can use as a guide for how the printed cards were translated.

Hi Marie,
sorry if my 2 cents come bit late, and in this case my vote would be for ‘intervenants’ but both soud good to me. In some translations I also use ‘parties prenantes’ for ‘stakeholders’, it depends a bit on the context.