New Georeferencing Documents published

Three new georeferencing documents have just been released by GBIF:

Thought it would be good to announce here :slight_smile:

Personal call to @ES translators to start thinking about building the Spanish versions :wink:
(and other languages, of course!).

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Cuando quieras Paula! :upside_down_face:

These three and the sensitive species guide are queuing up for Spanish translation. You can join those projects via these links, in which case you should receive an alert that they’re ready for you:

Sensitive species is already set up for French based on @asarchambeau’s comment here.

Any language groups who wish to translate these or other digital documents that are now available should post a comment or drop us a note.

All three projects set up and ready for translation into Spanish—join via the links above.

Other languages can be added easily should any other communities take an interest.