now available in Japanese and Spanish

I’m pleased to report that, on Friday, 17 August, we quietly introduced a language switcher to the utility navigation at the top right of This modest icon reveals something much larger: the user-interface translations that our Japanese- and Spanish-speaking colleagues have created over the past seven to eight weeks. Try the switcher at the link above, or cut to the chase here:

Please join me in thanking and congratulating our volunteers, who include:

  • Miguel Vega, Cristina Villaverde, Felipe Castilla, Carmen Lujano and Katia Cezón, Spain
  • Anabela Plos, Argentina
  • Dairo Escobar and Leonardo Buitrago, Colombia
  • Paula Zermoglio, VertNet
  • William Ulate, Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Tsuyoshi Hosoya and Toshie Mizanuma, National Museum of Nature and Science
  • Kumiko Totsu, National Institute for Environmental Studies

Apologies if I’ve left anyone out (and do correct me: we want to issue some translation badges soon!).

This is an exciting milestone for our community—one that points toward a goal that had previously seemed beyond our reach. We are extremely grateful to these volunteers for contributing to this work, and for showing other language communities that together we can reduce this long-standing barrier to wider adoption and use of open biodiversity data from the GBIF network.

Please note the request for review of the Spanish translation

Don’t see your language and interested in helping out in the next phase? This post is for you