¡Caos de gobierno!

Based on existing precedent, this promises to be an interesting question for our Spanish-speaking colleagues:

How should we translate ‘Governing Board’ into Spanish?

@AndrewRodrigues asked this in all innocence this morning. His inclination was ‘Junta del Gobierno’—which, interestingly enough, looks like the preferred version in the old glossary, confirmed by @Miguel_Vega a couple years ago.

@Timhirsch noted that the unofficial Spanish version of the MOU (translated by delegation from Mexico some time ago) has Consejo directivo.

Meanwhile, I’ve just found (at least) two more variations in the nodes guide:

¿ Are we solid with el Junto ?

Not a quite simple one…
I’d start suggesting not using “Consejo de Administración”, since “administración” usually refers to dealing with money/financial stuff.
In my mind, “Junta del gobierno” has a more nacional/subnational meaning, a political one.
For institutions, universities, councils, etc., and for companies boards, we use “Consejo directivo”, and I believe it would be the best option among the suggested ones.

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“Junta de Gobierno” or “Junta Directiva” are good options that reflect the activities of this instance.

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