DwC terms and descriptions in other languages

In our template generator, we are pulling terms from the XML files linked here: GBIF Registered Extensions


Do you know if either of the following exist?

  1. The equivalent XML files in other languages
  2. A file to map terms and descriptions to other languages.

Number 2 Is my first choice :slightly_smiling_face:. But it would ideally include all terms from all extensions - not just the darwin core terms. Or perhaps one file per extension.

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Hi @lukem,

I am told that translations to Spanish are available here: Estándar Darwin Core - SiB Colombia

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I am also told there is a project to translate the terms to traditional Chinese here: Darwin Core vocabularies dashboard in Crowdin

Thanks @mgrosjean

I need something machine-readable - e.g. and XML file. I also need the mapping from one language to another, not just the terms in a different language. This was I can build the translation into my tool rather than configuring everything for a ‘new’ set of terms.

The Crowdin project is just a demo of the process, but it (eventually) places the translations here: https://github.com/tdwg/rs.tdwg.org/blob/master/terms/terms-translations.csv

It’s a while since I looked at it. I need to review it, then we can ask the community to contribute translations. Finally, we need the scripts that build those XML files to be updated, and to if/how to show this on the dwc.tdwg.org website.

Thanks @MattBlissett, something like that would be useful I think. Great!

I talked about this with a few people at TDWG this week. I’m especially interested in the Spanish and French translations. @MattBlissett, once you review it, please let me know and I’d love to help however I can.


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