Can anyone help with translating the award pages (esp. Spanish)?

Hi, all,

As we prepare announcements on the Young Researchers Awards and the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge, it’s making me think we should prioritize having these pages translated—especially in Spanish, given the number of winners we seem to have across both programmes.

Of course, having descriptions in other languages wouldn’t be bad, as maybe that’s a limiting factor :grinning:

The content is managed in Contentful, of course. Feel free to dig in, if you like, but do ping us if you complete one so that we know to publish it.

Thanks, as always—

Hi @kcopas,

I can help with the translation, but I’m unsure which are the actual documents that need it. In Contentful the only two files I can see that may be related are these:

Are these the documents you are referring to?


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Ooooh, I see what I was doing wrong, I had a “draft” filter applied when looking for the docs in Contentful, but these two are already published in EN. Can begin later today/early tomorrow.
Thanks @kcopas

Sorry to be in such a rush to reply earlier and neglect to say: thank you!

Hi @kcopas,

I finished both documents. It would be great to have other pairs of eyes check it.

A note on the Young Researchers Award one: in the EN version, the last sentence of the last paragraph of the body of the text (just before previous winners list) does not make much sense to me…? Maybe it’s missing something…? Here the passage:

The GBIF Secretariat and national Participants whose nominees are selected to receive the award are announced just before GBIF’s [annual Governing Board meeting] (/event/14l31d8BDyME46sCgwEie8/).

plus it points to the GB25 (2018) -don’t know if this was intended?

I’ve translated literal until you tell me if and how that sentence would change.


Awesome, Paula—many thanks!

That sentence is only missing the winners! Should be something like (my emphasis):

The GBIF Secretariat and national Participants whose nominees are selected to receive the award announce the award winners each autumn just before the annual Governing Board meeting.

I’ve just removed the link to the 2018 governing board, too—thanks for the tip.

Thanks @kcopas, changes incorporated into the ES version.

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