Early 2022 translation needs

Hi, everyone,

We have a number of items coming up on which we could very much use your help. If you’re inclined available, new terms have led to untranslated terms throughout the website (see the running tally here).

We also have multiple calls open right now that could benefit from translation in any of the five UN languages:

We’re also preparing a set of five new videos on GBIF’s thematic connections to human health, climate, DNA, food and conservation. We’re setting up a new CrowdIn project to support that work (feel free to join it). We’d love to have subtitles in all five other UN languages, and others are welcome, too.

Finally, we’ve updated the earlier «La biblioteca de la vida» video produced in Spanish by GBIF Spain and SiB Colombia with an English voiceover. I’ve migrated subtitles in French, Portuguese and Traditional Chinese to this version, but we’d love to add them for Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Russian, at a minimum, too.

Drop us a line if you’re able to help.