Q4 translation priorities for web content

Hi, all—this is a bit slower arriving than planned, but as a follow up to the call late last month, here’s a quick list of some upcoming news items and their likely timing:

  • GRA winners (dual announcements); CrowdIn tasks assigned and in progress, publishing on 4 Oct [completed in ZH + ZH, FR + FR, ES + ES, ZH-TW, PT & UK]
  • GBIF Node Awards winners : draft ready for translation ~10 Oct, published on 18/10 @ GB30 [completed in ZH, FR, ES & ZH-TW]
  • Ebbe Nielsen Challenge winners: draft ready for translation ~10 Oct, published on 18/10 @ GB30 [completed in ZH, FR, ES & UK]
  • Value of GBIF: published by 13 Oct, translations as available
  • Updates to IPT page(s): published around 6 Nov, translations as available
  • Vector Atlas project news: draft ready for translation ~ 8 Nov, published by 20 Nov

A list of open translation projects for various digital documents to follow shortly.

If you are not yet a part of the GBIF web content project on CrowdIn, we’d welcome your involvement! We’ll also be able to assign you to the tasks we’ll use to manage work on time-sensitive items, including news items.

Hi, all— we’ve got a new CrowdIn task set up for translating the Node Awards announcement. Please keep the details in confidence, as it will only be published after an announcement at GB30 in Canberra, next Wednesday, 18/10.

I believe I assigned anyone who I thought might be inclined to help, but if you didn’t see it, a) check that you’ve joined the GBIF web content project on CrowdIn and b) make sure you’re signed up to receive notifications for new strings to translate. Not sure whether you’ll see the task if you’re not assigned to it, so just ping me if you’d like to be added.

Ebbe Nielsen Challenge item to follow (likely tomorrow/Thursday).

Friends, thanks for your help with the Ebbe and GRA news items—it’s very gratifying to have them in place and offered an easy way to show the progress we’ve made to the governing board.

Bit of a progress report here to say that I’ve just created four new tasks in the GBIF web content project and assigned many of you to them. Please do note that this “assigning” of them is CrowdIn’s wording, and I see this really as the means for alerting you that there’s new priority content ready for translation. If you get to it, great; if not, so be it. Don’t feel it’s a demand we’re placing on you to feel further overloaded at a time when it’s easy to feel that way.

Three of the new tasks are untranslated sections on the home page. Their components lead to pages/sections where translation might be beneficial, but we’ll start at the surface for now.

The fourth is the Value of GBIF page mentioned above. This is the most complex task we’ve assembled in CrowdIn, so I hope I’ve added all the relevant pieces.

Deadlines are added, but again, more notionally.

Finally, with the possible (likely?) exception of French, Spanish and Traditional Chinese, I’ve come to feel we could benefit from additional volunteers. I’ve started sending invitations to people who have contributed to our other CrowdIn projects to the web content project. If that fails to add recruits, I’d like to consider some further outreach, starting with the nodes interest group and then perhaps over social media. As always, your thoughts and suggestions would be most welcome.

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Hello again! We’ve been seeing progress on many of the tasks created in the GBIF web content project—thanks to those of you who’ve been able to help!

We’ll try to keep more tasks coming to keep the Spanish, French and Traditional Chinese language groups occupied. That may cause a bit of a pile-up of tasks for other languages. To that end, we’ll probably delete tasks related to untranslated news items after a few weeks, but don’t despair! Having unstarted or incomplete tasks there will help us later in keeping track of what’s needed to close gaps in translated content.

Last up, I’d like to offer this list of live projects—that is, projects where having you join and actively participate can have the most immediate effect (more details below the list):

The first two will be no surprise, but if you’re not part of the project, please make your request to join it.

There are very few members for GBIF print projects. Once we add some members, we’ll prepare a task that includes text of the postcards that the Secretariat has come to rely on and that we discussed in our last call. Language-specific invitation links are as follows:

We’ve also responded to another request and set up CrowdIn integration for GRSciColl! Thanks to @vechocho for forcing the issue (in a good way…).

Meanwhile, the eDNA guide is about three quarters translated into Spanish, so it seems worth highlighting.

Finally, we do want this work to respond to your needs across the network. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are specific web pages, documents, materials or resources you’d like us to consider setting up for translation—your needs are unlikely to be yours alone!


So sorry—here are invitation links to GRSciColl!