TaxonWorks Together 2024 - You're Invited - May 7-9

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RE: TaxonWorks Together 2024 - You’re Invited - May 7 - 9


Please save these dates! We’re excited to open registration for TaxonWorks Together 2024. Join us for 3 days of activities centered around building the TaxonWorks community with our collaborators. We’re focused on three themes – Our Current TaxonWorks Adopters with an Eye on the Future – Data Quality, Semantics, Agency (Yours!) – and – Everyone can develop, contributing to and using community-centric open-source endeavours.

Some key topics to pique your particular interests:

  • Your TaxonWorks Adventure Begins (Demos and Tours)
  • Managing Natural History Collections in TaxonWorks: Perspectives, Tips, and Highlights of New Digitization Workflows
    • Hear from those actively managing their collections and publishing their data using TaxonWorks
  • Balancing Global Agency and Local Precision. Roundtrip your feedback.
    • If you think about the extended specimen and wonder how we can help collections and individuals get recognized for their efforts, if you wonder about your agency, please check out this session and see this feedbackURL issue in the TDWG gitHub repository.
  • Our New and Experienced TaxonWorks Adopters Share Their Experiences
  • From Plazi to TaxonWorks
    • Hear about our experiment using Plazi treatment output to input nomenclatural records into TaxonWorks (we added over 300 names with their nomenclatural details in less than 5 minutes!)
  • Growing Taxonomic Communities
  • A (Biodiversity) Data Quality Round Table Conversation
    • From data quality (e. g. completeness, consistency, compliance), to data management, expect an in-depth congenial local-to-global conversation. From the data aggregator, to the working group, the researcher, the collection / data manager, and the data analyst, what do we each experience, what do we dream of? How is data-quality an outcome of processes? Looking for alignment opportunities. How can we help you extend, enhance, and improve data from different levels in the community (from aggregator to individual).
  • Seeing Your Data: A Look Inside One’s (TaxonWorks) Data
    • What about enhancing and extending your data? What are some (new?) ways the software could help you do this?
  • Vision: Integrating the TaxonWorks Experience Into a Taxonomy Course
  • Everyone Can Develop: contributing to and using community-centric open-source endeavours

Some activities will be highly-guided, some information style, and some unconference style. Zoom space may be limited, please don’t wait! Questions welcome.

Please see agenda details for our panelists and speakers and to register.

Some presenters joining us that you’ll find here in the GBIF discourse space include @markus @dshorthouse @agosti @ekrimmel @tkarim @ehaston @tmcelrath @mtrekels @datafixer @matt and in anticipation, you too!

See you soon,
Debbie, for TaxonWorks Together and the Species File Group

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