Almost time for TaxonWorks Together 2023 - Last chance to register!

Hi Everyone,

:loudspeaker: Join over 180 people from 41 different countries starting in just 4 days for TaxonWorks Together 2023 (Oct 24 - 26).

Do you or your colleagues, students, staff, create, curate, manage, share, and/or use taxonomic and related data? Then please join us to share and learn. Peruse the program and register to get your Zoom link and join for the sessions that pique your interest.

Speakers include Emily Hartop, Scott Loarie, Sergei Tarasov, Amanda Whitmire, Rudolf Meier, Campbell Webb, @arnald, @nickyn, @tuco, @nelson, @hammockj, @elyw, @tmcelrath, Johan Liljeblad, @matt, and more. You are cordially invited to add your insights with our 3 minutes 1 Slide and Unconference Opportunities. Please share this opportunity with your colleagues and students and join to help build your community network connections and collaborations and dream big! Thanks! (registration required, it’s free).

Topics likely of broad interest

  • a Conversation with iNaturalist
  • Extended specimen ideas
  • Bringing biodiversity informatics actionable practices and tools to you
  • Perspectives on taxon pages from the Atlas of Living Australia, the Smithsonian, and from the Species File Group
  • The future of species description: technology, inventories, large-scale integrative taxonomy

All are welcome, please share with your students, your collaborators and colleagues.

See you there!
Debbie, for the Species File Group
(cross-posting certainly happening here)

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