New translations

icymi, is now available in Portuguese and French.

Numerous volunteers from across the network are also contributing translations of the web content discussed in an earlier thread—in fact, both the Spanish (87%), Japanese (73%) and French (53%) teams have each translated more than half of the top-priority content.

The Russian team has completed a first pass at the UI, but is taking a moment to make sure that the terminology remains consistent with that used in the IPT translation. Even if we didn’t anticipate this, we probably should have—the GBIF Russian language community is relatively new and doesn’t yet have the benefit of longer, shared experience. We’re eager to take our time getting this right, and should still likely meet our target of having the UI translation complete by year’s end.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, with the former really starting in earnest after the upcoming governing board meeting

If you’re a non-native English speaker, please have a look at the site in one of its alt.languages and let us know what you think.