GBIF Challenge entry

I’ve submitted an entry to the GBIF Challenge (I know the deadline is next month but I’ll be away): Ozymandias - a biodiversity knowledge graph, see also my blog for background.

If nothing else the challenge has provided me with a much needed deadline to get something workable out the door. Unfortunately nobody can see the submitted entries for this challenge (unlike past years), so I have no idea how many people are working on the challenge, or what they are working on. I guess we’ll have to wait until after the deadline to see what this years’ challenge has inspired people to create.


Actually, fwiw, no one could see submissions ahead of the deadline in previous years—only after.

Thanks for sharing yours, though—hope to have the chance to read it and will push it around a bit on social media today or tomorrow…

@kcopas Maybe my memory was playing tricks, but I do recall being able to see a list of people who had expressed interest (although many of them never ending up submitting anything).

You were on the inside back then, hombre :wink:

There was a public registrant list, though—basically a message alert system.