Another GBIF Challenge Entry


Not to be outdone by @rdmpage, here’s my Ebbe Nielsen Challenge entry: and looooong YouTube video:

Previous years had rounds of competition, where I assume short-listed competitors were asked to complete tasks or refinements. Is that the same model this year?


First year was the only one with two rounds. One-and-done ever since.

Bonne chance!


I seemed to read somewhere in the instructions that the video should be no more than 5 minutes long (after I’d made a longer one :open_mouth: ) Might want to check, not sure if this is a deal breaker or not. 5 mins is not longer, especially given how hard it is to gauge how much background is needed to put the entry in context.

Hope to explore Bloodhound some more when I get back from holiday.


I took the 5min video and 200 word abstract as suggestions. If those restrictions were meant to be hard criteria, warranting disqualification if either were not followed to the letter, I would have expected firm, explicit language.


So, my video is part lecture because (a) it helped me think about what would go in a paper and, (b) when something looks simple, it rarely is.