Could Someone Give me Advice on Integrating Local Biodiversity Data into GBIF?

Hello there,

I am reaching out to seek your advice and insights on integrating local biodiversity data into the GBIF database. Our team is part of a small; and we have accumulated a substantial amount of data on local flora and fauna over the past few years.

This data includes species observations; habitat descriptions; and even some genetic information from a few key species.

We believe that contributing our data to GBIF would not only help us align with global biodiversity goals but also provide a valuable resource for researchers and conservationists worldwide.

What are the best practices for formatting and standardizing our data to ensure it meets GBIF’s requirements? Are there any specific tools or templates that you recommend for this purpose? :thinking:

What kind of metadata should we include with our dataset to make it as useful as possible to other researchers? Are there examples of well documented datasets that we can refer to? :thinking:

Could you provide a step by step overview of the data submission process to GBIF? Are there common pitfalls that we should be aware of and avoid?

Also, I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

We are committed to open data but want to ensure that our contributions are used ethically and responsibly.

Once our data is uploaded to GBIF; what are the best practices for maintaining and updating our dataset? How can we ensure that our data remains relevant and useful over time? :thinking:

Thankyou in advance for your help and assistance. :innocent:

I’d suggest you start here: Become a publisher, @samzyann .

In fact, most of the pages listed under How-To > Share Data will provide key background for addressing the questions you raise.

@samzyann In addition to @kcopas’s suggestions, you can also check these two blogposts:

Note that we have many Nodes with a lot of expertise guiding new publishers to GBIF. If you let us know where your organisation is based, we can redirect you to the relevant Nodes and Regional support teams.

I agree contacting your local national node would probably help!