Biodiversity data for planning, policy and management

Hi everyone! I think we all agree that these are pivotal times ahead for biodiversity. Now that GBIF’s excellent work is leading to greater accessibility and use of biodiversity data, what are our key grand challenges and opportunities in this next crucial decade? Certainly one is taking biodiversity data as impactfully and rapidly as possible into the cut-and-thrust of the real world of climate change and the Sixth Extinction. I think we need all hands on deck, forming government/ academic / nonprofit/ citizen science and intergovernmental partnerships at different levels, to share and co-analyze data for priority areas and issues, model data and explore possible future scenarios, so that we in the global community can work locally and globally to mainstream and accelerate wise use of biodiversity data in public policy, planning and management. As an example, GBIF members and friends are welcome to join our Biodiversity Early Warning Systems community of practice, to help support wiser, faster, more robust planning, policy and management without harm to ecosystems and biodiversity. Join us at You can also read more at and

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We’re up to 236 members globally in our Facebook community of practice on biodiversity early warning systems, after a month, and new members with bioinformatics backgrounds are especially encouraged. Please join us and post your thoughts about accelerating the impact of biodiversity decade in this pivotal decade ahead!

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