Comments on this consultation process

This virtual consultation on Converging Digital Specimens and Extended Specimens - Towards a global specification for data integration is the second global consultation managed by the alliance for biodiversity knowledge . It follows a previous consultation on “Advancing the Catalogue of the World’s Natural History Collections”. This work may serve as a possible model for other open international consultations in future.

We therefore value discussion here on the merits or failings of this process and possible ways to improve it for future consultations. Please see comments on the previous consultation.

Please write feedback here, thanks.

Thanks for organizing this monster task! Having been busy the first week and not following, the summaries were especially helpful trying to jump into conversation. However, I can’t help but think I’m making comments that have already been made. I like commenting being free ranging and tethered to questions, but also wouldn’t mind seeing the core “Questions to promote discussion” given in the intro to each topic being categorized with easily distinguishable threads for each question, while also allowing the random other comments that don’t fall into those questions.


A couple of extra resources that could help participation in the consultation process:

  • References
    • The intro lists a lot of references as background - having these available either in a shared library in a social reference manager (e.g. Zotero / Mendeley) or as a downloadable (bibtex) bibliography file would be useful.
  • Glossary
    • There are a lot of acronyms & technical terms in the content - not immediately recognisable to all participants. A glossary page would help decode these.
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