Advancing the Catalogue of the World's Natural History Collections

Español: Adelantando el Catálogo de Colecciones de Historia Natural del Mundo
Français: Faire avancer le Catalogue des Collections d’Histoire Naturelle du Monde
简体中文: 建立《全球自然历史馆藏名录》

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All summaries combined: Integrated summary from 17 to 30 April 2020

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This is the home page for the virtual consultation “Advancing the Catalogue of the World’s Natural History Collections”. GBIF is leading this as part of the European Commission-funded SYNTHESYS+ project.

Please bookmark this page to follow the consultation. Otherwise, it should be the first post listed if you click on this link from any page: CollectionsCatalogue

Throughout the period of the consultation (17-29 April), we will provide regular updates on the status of the discussions - these are accessible here.

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Category Topic Notes
Use 1.1. Directory to support the collections community Open
Use 1.2. Locating specimens and genetic materials Open
Use 1.3. First step towards databasing collections Open
Use 1.4. Assessing the scale and value of collections Open
Use 1.5. Increased value for data on specimens, taxonomic publications, etc. Open
Use 1.6. Reducing duplication of effort Open
Use 1.7. Foundation for new and enriched services Open
Use 1.8. Improvements to citation and visibility for collections Open
Use 1.9. Support for national and regional needs and applications Open
Information 2.1. Scope for the catalogue and definition of “collection” Open
Information 2.2. Identifiers for collections Open
Information 2.3. Hierarchical collection structures and subcollections Open
Information 2.4. Description of a collection Open
Information 2.5. Wider data linkages Open
Information 2.6. Information services relating to collections Open
Technology 3.1. Pathways and tools for publishing collection records Open
Technology 3.2. Community catalogue Open
Technology 3.3. Integrated catalogue Open
Technology 3.4. Collection management systems Open
Technology 3.5. Interfaces, APIs and client modules Open
Governance 4.1. Ownership of information for each collection Open
Governance 4.2. Communities of practice Open
Governance 4.3. Technical infrastructures Open
Governance 4.4. Governance arrangements Open
Governance 4.5. Incentives for contributors Open
Governance 4.6. Funding and sustainability Open
Language Adelantando el Catálogo de Colecciones de Historia Natural del Mundo Open
Language Progressant le Catalogue des Collections d’Histoire Naturelle du Monde Open
Language 建立《全球自然历史馆藏名录》 Open
Process Comments on this virtual consultation process Open