An indicator for SDG Target 2.5, Aichi Target 13, GSPC Target 9

Hi, I just want to share how we build an indicator for almost 7000 species of different wild useful plants, using data in GBIF and aligned with SDG Target 2.5, Aichi Target 13, GSPC Target 9, and Article 5 of the International Treaty.


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Thanks for sharing, for using GBIF-mediated data in your research and finally for citing the downloaded data according to our guidelines! This allows for the automatic discovery and linking of paper to the underlying data–and vice versa:

Best regards,
Daniel N
GBIF Secretariat

Thanks Daniel, sure!

Thanks to GBIF for generating DOIs for data downloads and all the infrastructure that supports it!

Thanks for sharing @damariles !

Your timing on this was great for CBD COP14, too, as I was able to flag the paper during a Bioversity/WWF side event on Catalyzing progress on Aichi Target 7: Integrating wild and agricultural biodiversity conservation strategies and filling indicator gaps, with an eye toward encouraging them to factor conservation status into the Agrobiodiversity Index they’re developing.

Nice chat soon after in the GBIF booth with Roseline Remans from Bioversity, too…

Hi Kyle

I’m really glad to hear that!, thanks for flagging it.

Good, I haven’t meet Roseline personally, but I’m aware she’s around those topics.


Fwiw, here’s the Agrobiodiversity Index from Bioversity. I believe it’s in private beta testing or similar, but I can’t find a contact for requesting access…

For the Bioversity Index I guess it’s still under construction, I’m aware Sarah Jones ( from Bioversity is working on it.

Also I want to share that the Data Paper of the data we used to calculate the Aichi Indicator is just released: