When will the new terms of Darwin Core added to the IPT?

I was wondering when the new terms of Darwin Core will be added to the IPT, I guess maybe with the 2.5 release, but there are some “old” terms of 2020 that hasn’t been implemented, like pathway and degreeOfEstablishment.

So, my general question is: How often does Darwin Core Occurrence standard is actualized in the IPT?

Thanks in advance and have a good day!



Hi both,

We’ll track this on this GitHub issue: Update cores to match latest changes to Darwin Core · Issue #21 · gbif/rs.gbif.org · GitHub

We’ll make changes to GBIF.org as well as the IPT, and it will probably be some point in September when everything is ready. The 2020 terms were waiting for other work, though it took longer than expected, and they will now be done at the same time as the 2021 terms.



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