April technical support hour for GBIF nodes

In the April issue of the technical support hour for nodes, we will not have a practical topic due to Easter holidays in Denmark. Node staff is invited to sign up to the session on April 5th at 4pm CEST (UTC+2) and join if they want to ask technical questions to the helpdesk team. Questions can also be posed ahead of the support hour by commenting on this thread or contacting helpdesk at helpdesk@gbif.org.

The drop-in support hour will be every first Wednesday of the month at 4pm CEST (UTC+2) beginning from January 4th until summer 2023 as part of a trial period.

Questions to be covered during the support hour:

The support hours have so far covered the following topics:

  • During the January support hour, we introduced the Registry and how a dataset could be debugged by checking the different interpretation steps in the crawl and ingestion history tabs. You can questions and answers on the discourse thread for the topic or see the recorded practical session here.
  • In the February support hour, the helpdesk team gave a brief overview of the technical components of GBIF, and how they all contribute to the content on GBIF.org. The questions and answers from the support hour can be found in this discourse thread and you can view the recording of the practical session here.
  • In the March support hour, the Data Products team demonstrated how to install, update and backup the IPT, as well as updating the extensions. Questions and answers for the support hour was captured in this discourse forum post and you can review the video from the practical session here.

Last minute question! I can’t seem to figure out how to update/convert a dataset in the IPT from “resource metadata” to “sampling event data” and/or “occurrence data”. Is this possible?

In addition of using Google Drive for the Source Data URL in IPT, I have also tried using url of raw text file (e.g. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/biodiversity-aq/antarctic_subantarctic_asteroidea_isotopes/main/data/processed/measurementOrFact.txt) in GitHub because I had to use some script to transform the data. So far, I think it works really well! Hope that helps!

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