Webinar 2: OpenDS Digital Specimen as Digital Entity? (Wouter Addink)

The following question(s) were asked in the Collection Management Systems Webinar and will be answered here.

Wouter Addink: Would both Digital Specimen and Multimedia Objects be mapped to Digital Entity?

Media in digital form would definitely be represented in DigitalEntities. Physical media (e.g., photographic prints) would be MaterialEntities.

As we understand it, a Digital Specimen is the information about a cataloged physical object, that is, about a MaterialEntity. If the intended purpose of the Digital Specimen requires an identifier distinct from the identifier for the MaterialEntity for which it is a proxy, then it is a good candidate for a DigitalEntity, with an EntityRelationship to the MaterialEntity it represents. It’s not clear what the Digital Specimen provides that the data about the MaterialEntity does not, except to be another identifier for a domain in which additional information about the MaterialEntity can be accumulated. But then why not use an identifier for the MaterialEntity to begin with? I am exposing my ignorance here, but I am keen to understand this fundamental issue. It seems of immense value to have a proper use case for Digital Specimens to explore any aspects of that concept that are perceived to not be possible to cover with the Unified Model.