Using shapefiles on GBIF data with R - GBIF Data Blog

It happens sometimes that users need GBIF data that fall within specific boundaries. The GBIF Portal provides a location filter where it is possible to draw a rectangle or a polygon on the map and get the occurrence records within this shape. However these tools have a limited precision and occasionally the job calls for more complex shapes than the GBIF Portal currently supports.

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This seems really useful!

I think you have something slightly different, but if the Arctic projection were WGS 84 / North Pole LAEA Europe (EPSG:3575), the visualization could use GBIF’s base map (the land/sea outlines).

We have that to support very quick visualizations of GBIF occurrence data in two polar map projections, for species/dataset/country pages. Just click the :earth_africa: button under the map, for example on penguins.