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Iceland Index. A plot of raw species counts from equal-area hexagons approximately the size of Iceland. This plot excludes international waters, but includes countries EEZ areas. We see here that while Iceland has >5K species other areas within Amazonia, Eastern Europe, and Africa have suspiciously fewer, indicating a likely data gap.

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Could equal-area hexagons be used for the standard map in the portal?


Just change to hexagons using the paint roller icon :point_down:

What is the surface area of these hexagons?

@wilsotc I will have to look up the exact area. Also @kcopas, I am pretty sure the hexgons on the gbif portal are not equal area! You can tell because of how many are located in Greenland vs Africa :slight_smile:

The hexagons are based off of at resolution 6 I believe.

I’ve been working on a portal that displays record density by surface area with the hexagonal cell surface area displayed in the map key.