Geographical applicability of datapoints

Greetings, First time post here:

I’m looking to know if what follows is possible and some pointers. I have a geographical region (several actually), and I would like to find the species (and the relevant papers/articles/citations) in gbif data which have been claimed to exist in those regions. Am I correct that this is something I would need to use the API for, as there is no GUI for exploring the data?

In regard to methods I would expect that most GIS references would be points in Lat/Lon but I am going from a bounding box or a region and searching for anything within that range. Does anyone have an example of doing that?

Hi Hugh, welcome to the forum.

You can get at least a list of species in a region of interest, if the region can be defined either as a country or a polygon of points. Start out in the occurrence search interface here:

Then either choose a country, e.g. Sweden:

Or, define a region using a polygon or geoJSON, e.g. link

Once you’ve got the area of interest narrowed down, hit download and choose species list. This’ll give you a list of all names of taxa represented by occurrences in the area.

Hope this’ll get you started!

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