Summary: 11. Partnerships to collaborate more effectively

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Various insights offered share the sentiment that effective collaboration 1) seems to work best (or easier?) with smaller group size and 2) more effectively motivates and engages partners when there are targeted, specific actions toward a shared goal. At the same time, there’s a sentiment that these large-scale ideas (the digital/extended specimen) need people whose job it is to bridge understanding of just what the D/ES is about, and build connections and foster alignments between the smaller collaborative efforts and the more global goals.

Different types of partnerships exist, and partnerships have direction (i.e. inward-focused, outward focused), again reinforcing the need for regular strategic communications between these partners and projects for transparency and alignment.

The need for “real-time” Risk Assessment was offered as one Use Case, as a concrete topic to help focus discussion on needs to succeed. Local institutions seek concrete practical guidance for how to implement “digital/extended” specimens.