Source of taxonomic data for all living things

I would like to find a data source which gives full taxonomic data for all living things.

For vascular plants, I have found the World Check List of Vascular Plants (WCVP) to be ideal. If there was something like this but for all living things it would be almost exactly what I want.

The WCVP has the concept of ‘Accepted’. I imagine this is not something which is available for all areas of the tree of life but on the other hand I hope that the same or similar concept is built into some data source relating to the full tree of life.

If there is not a simple single answer to this question I would very much welcome some advice as to how I can approximate towards the WCVP situation of knowing which names are more ‘accepted’ and which are not.

I am interested in all names especially if there is information relating to their current status as accepted or not.

To best of my knowledge, such list is not available. But GBIF Backbone Taxonomy might be worth checking. Also take a look at Catalogue of Life.

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