New GRSciColl website and other news

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The Global Registry of Scientific Collections has a new website:

Based on the GBIF Hosted portals, this new web interface allows accessing the GRSciColl content as well linked GBIF occurrences. It includes some new filters (which were previously only available via the API) as well as new dashboards.

The website can be multilingual, we are working with some of you (thank you!) on a Spanish version. Let me know if you are interested in helping or if you would like to see GRSciColl available in more languages.

In other news, I presented some of our our 2023-2024 Roadmap during the TDWG 2023 conference (Ongoing Work with the Global Registry of Scientific Collections). A link to our 2023-2024 roadmap is available here.

My colleague, Lily Shrestha, presented the work the GBIF Regional contractors have been doing to improve access to collection information in Asia and Africa through GRSciColl (Improving Access to Collection Information in Asia and Africa through the Global Registry of Scientific Collections).

Thank you all for helping us improve GRSciColl.

I hope that you will enjoy browsing data on You are very welcome to report issues and send feedback to