List of Organization / Publisher Acronyms at GBIF

Good morning (Ecuador time). I am using a data set from a search I made at GBIF, but the CSV file that I downloaded contains only acronyms of the publishers. Is there a list of publishers and their acronyms somewhere at GBIF that I can use to store on my database ?

Hi Gustavo,

Your download request contains all the metadata of your search, including which publishers contributed records to the download. You can find details on the download page which also contains information about how to cite the data. All you previous downloads are available from here.

Let me know if this is helpful.


The names of the contributing organizations in the CSV file produced in the search contains only acronyms and the XML files contains only names. My problem is to find out which acronym correspond to the institutions.

The values in publishingOrgKey column (e.g. cdef28b1-db4e-4c58-aa71-3c5238c2d0b5) can be looked up on the website,<publishingOrgKey>
e.g. Invasive Species Specialist Group ISSG

or the API

Does this help?

Thanks Daniel ! It helps a lot.

Gustavo Morejon

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