Publishers vs. citations

Citations of datasets at the publisher level

GBIF publishers can always visit their publisher page to get an up-to-date number of publications that have cited use of their datasets. For example, the combined datasets of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation

have received 4 citations.

Which publisher has received the most citations?

This is a top 10 compiled today, 30 May 2018:

Any surprises?

Actually, given that iNaturalist is now a project of the California Academy of Sciences, I wonder if how much overlap there is between numbers 3 and 6.

I’d honestly be surprised if the combined unique citations didn’t surpass NMNH.

Unique citations of iNat + CalAcademy = 126

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Is there a way to get publishers citations through web services API?
I don’t see that in the current dataset/organisation response.

The citations are currently not exposed through the official GBIF API, however, you can get the number through the “unofficial” content API we use for the website. E.g.

A publisher (Natuurpunt):

A dataset (Ghent Insect collection):


Updated top ten list posted