Incorrect classification of the "Life stage" category for dragonflies

The GBiF uses an incorrect classification of the “Life stage” category for dragonflies (Odonata). The original category “fresh imago” has been changed in GBIF to “Imago” and should be “Juvenile”. As a result, information on juvenile individuals is incorrect. When searching for data, using advanced settings and selecting “Juvenile” in the “Life stage” category, only 1 record appears.

Thank you very much for your feedback @Wiacek !
Before we change the mapping of the Life Stage vocabulary, it would really help us if you could point us to a reference. Thanks!

PS: If you are interested in helping us improve the Life stage vocabulary for dragonflies, here is a table of all the values provided for that field by publishers and how GBIF interpreted them:
GBIF_data_lifestage_dragonfiles.txt (1.1 KB)
You are very welcome to send you feedback to

OK. I am happy to propose corrections in categories. However, I have questions:

  1. Can I add a category or should I use existing categories? For example, an important category for dragonflies “Exuvia” is missing.
  2. Not all original categories are correct, they would need to be adjusted individually. Is it possible to adjust the category individually on the basis of photos?

Hi @Wiacek New categories can potentially be added.
I am not sure I understand the second question. Could you give us an example? Thanks!

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