GBIF adding false identifications to iNaturalist occurences

I am creating this topic because I noticed something odd - GBIF is changing species-complex identifications from iNaturalist observations and adding completely false species identifications

Why is GBIF doing this? an example of this is found here : Occurrence Detail 4028920819
(Cladonia Chlorophaea, listed as species) but the observation, found here: Cladonia chlorophaea Aggregate from Provincia autonoma di Trento, Italia on January 27, 2023 at 03:38 PM by aa22 · iNaturalist, is listed as Complex Cladonia Chlorophaea

I am a little worried about this, since this can create false species-level occurences.

I can see that you have also added an issue through GBIFs portal feedback system: Cladonia Chlorophaea Complex is exported to GBIF as Cladonia Chlorophaea. · Issue #4676 · gbif/portal-feedback · GitHub. I will prepare a response and answer in the GitHub issue.

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