How do I get new taxa added?

With the help of my UK node, NBN Atlas, I’ve published one dataset (for Czechia & Slovakia) within my particular interest group ( directly to GBIF, the data being extracted from a single published paper (see European Micropezids & Tanypezids)
I’ve now a dataset prepared from 50 more papers across Europe and have come across a handful of published taxa for which I’m unable to discover any record on GBIF lists.
Can anyone direct me to methods by which I might apply for these to be added?

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Hi @Darwyn

I assume that you would like to add names here right? If so, this concerns the GBIF backbone taxonomy.

The GBIF backbone taxonomy is assembled from multiple checklists (more information available here: Six questions answered about the GBIF Backbone Taxomomy - GBIF Data Blog).
The main sources is the Catalogue of Life. So there are two ways to get the name in the GBIF backbone taxonomy:

I hope this helps!


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