Download checklist with mapping to GBIF Backbone

Is it possible to get all taxa in e.g. the Checklist Dutch Species Register - Nederlands Soortenregister checklist, with mappings to the GBIF Backbone? I have aligned some checklists with the backbone taxonomy and would like to compare the two, ideally without attempting to match the scientific names. It looks like it might be possible with the API (How to get GBIF TaxonKey for checklist dataset - #5 by dnoesgaard) but I don’t want to put unnecessary load on the system if it’s also possible as a download.

Hi @larsgw

The easiest would probably be to use checklistbank. As the Checklist Dutch Species Register is also there: ChecklistBank and checklisbank has a function to compare and match two checklists.

This API call would create a file with matches between the GBIF Backbone taxonomy and the Dutch Species register:
curl -s --user USER:PASSWORD -X POST " 2014" (where 53147 corresponds to the GBIF Backbone taxonomy on Checklistbank). (You can also also check this GitHub issue: How to download matching between 2 checklists? · Issue #299 · gbif/checklistbank · GitHub)

Note that you can use your GBIF credentials to query checklisbank.

Also you might be interested in attending our next Data Use Club webinar. The session is about accessing species information and you can register here.

That works, thanks!

Thank you for the tip!