GBIF1billion - what's next?

Yes, I know everyone is ready to pop the champagne and celebrate a great milestone in GBIF’s history, and deservedly so, but I hope I’m not the only one wondering on the broader implications. Given the publicity that will surround this milestone, I think this is exactly the time to be thinking and talking about “what’s next”. I’ve sketched some thoughts on iPhylo and on Twitter. I guess I’m looking for a little visionary thinking, because incremental increases (even if they surpass magical milestones) are unlikely to attract the kind of research attention and funding that GBIF could really benefit from.

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I’ll leave it to others to weigh in—I’ve got journalists to pitch—but I think ‘visionary thinking’ very much the intention behind GBIC2 later this month.

In related news: Fungi OTUs likely to appear in the backbone next week.

@kcopas Thanks for the link to GBIC2, I’d not seen that before. There’s nothing there that I would describe as visionary or creative as such, it’s much more about process, culture, etc. Important stuff, but not what I’m looking for. I guess I’m looking for the sort of innovation you get from start ups.

Looking forward to seeing what the fungal OTUs look like, will try and remember to take a look next week.

OTUs are up—see starter thread:

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