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The short answer is yes, partially.

Citizen science is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur (or non-professional) scientists. Citizen science is sometimes described as “public participation in scientific research,” participatory monitoring, and participatory action research (wikipedia definition).

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This is very interesting. Around 50% of occurrence records on GBIF are citizen science.

@jwaller - thanks :slight_smile:

cool that you added the machine tags.


I’m wondering if we could use a similarly precise tag for the datasets ID’d in the 2016 study to get a quick look at the overlap…?

The 2016 citizen science datasets are already tagged:
I used the datasets from the 2016 study as training set (in addition to the ones I annotated) and I tagged all the datasets annotated as citizen science both from the training set and the prediction.

I could tag the datasets considered citizen science that weren’t included in the 2016 differently, if you are interested.
Otherwise, if you would like to see the evolution of citizen science datasets in GBIF over time, @jwaller is working on a something.