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Citizen Science datasets on GBIF plotted with all other (gray) GBIF datasets (>100K occurrences). There are many citizen science datasets with millions of occurrences (eBird, (Swedish) Artportalen), and the top 3 datasets on GBIF are all citizen science datasets. But in terms of number of unique species, only iNaturalist competes with large museum datasets like Smithsonian NMNH.

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Super interesting post - I wonder how much taxonomic issues come into play though. For example in the last figure where it says 70% of birds have been ‘rediscovered’ with Citizen Science, iNaturalist alone has ticked of 86% (9010/10478) species of birds according to the Clements taxonomy - I assume eBird has reached a higher percentage than this. Is that 70% number driven by synonyms etc from multiple taxonomies?

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@loarie I would suspect that you are right. eBird hovers around 10K names for Birds but GBIF has

18K “Accepted” names. Some of them are fossils but others could be something else…