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Citizen Science datasets on GBIF plotted with all other (gray) GBIF datasets (>100K occurrences). There are many citizen science datasets with millions of occurrences (eBird, (Swedish) Artportalen), and the top 3 datasets on GBIF are all citizen science datasets. But in terms of number of unique species, only iNaturalist competes with large museum datasets like Smithsonian NMNH.

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Super interesting post - I wonder how much taxonomic issues come into play though. For example in the last figure where it says 70% of birds have been ‘rediscovered’ with Citizen Science, iNaturalist alone has ticked of 86% (9010/10478) species of birds according to the Clements taxonomy - I assume eBird has reached a higher percentage than this. Is that 70% number driven by synonyms etc from multiple taxonomies?

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@loarie I would suspect that you are right. eBird hovers around 10K names for Birds but GBIF has

18K “Accepted” names. Some of them are fossils but others could be something else…

interesting - is there a way to get the number of species from the GBIF search UI or API (e.g. to get ~10k names for Birds from eBird via GBIF)?

Yes! You just need to click on SPECIES LIST here (this will give you the species contained in the eBird dataset and the count of corresponding occurrences).

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