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Hi all
just a quick recall, for those who don’t know yet, of our national project CollMap - Mapping the natural history collections of the italian scientific museums.
CollMap, managed by ANMS (National Association of Scientiphic Museums), is an ongoing project that involves the online mapping of metadata from all zoological and botanical collections.
Here you can find preliminary informations

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Is there a map? Can you download a csv of the collections? Can you query for specific type of collections? In the process of completing this did you run into problems defining collections at an institute or was it up to the institutes?


  • yes, we have a map that updates in real time

  • yes, you can download a csv of all kind of data

  • obviously, all kind of queries: collection, geographic taxonomic, conservation, published catalogues and many more

-please, specify.
Each museum has received credential to do the job for itself, with the help of our “instructions for dummies”. the metadata of each collectìon or lot of specimens where then verified and validated.
From CollMap pages you can query freely . Try our search engine at this link

CollMap 2.0 is much more interactive, much more informative and … in english

Hope that’s all

Thanks, this is a very nice resource!

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