Certificate Expired error GBIF API (Node JS Enviroment)

We’ve included the GBIF API in a Node Enviroment project quite some time ago, and things well. Getting back there after some time now, it gives an Certificate Expired Error after trying an https request.
Using the url in a browser, it does give a full response.
Did anything change in the past month on the GBIF API that could produce this error ?

Also tried it with Fetch to pull in the data, but the same error. Hmmmm …


Please check your environment has up-to-date SSL certificates, i.e. is up to date with recent security patches.

curl https://api.gbif.org/ will give an error if the OS does not have the correct SSL certificates present.

(The reason is we changed to use LetsEncrypt certificates.)

Hi @MattBlissett,

Thank you for your reply and it sheds some light on the issue. But, this would mean that the application can only run from a server side enviroment ?
Currently the program that connects to the GBIF API is only meant to run in client side.

A client-side Node application that isn’t running in the browser? That is probably using either the OS certificates, or those bundled with the application. Either way, it’s not something GBIF controls, but it should work.

From SSL Server Test: api.gbif.org (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) our API server’s SSL is configured correctly. The unsupported clients are 10-year-old Android phones, very old Internet Explorer, Java 7 and so on.

It’s a React application (in dev enviroment) and indeed, not in casual browser atm. It was rendered as package in the past also, and that worked. Don’t know actually if that will works these days. Will play around with it some more to see where this is buggin’

Thank you for the comments.

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