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I am looking for current documentation on how software developers can safely test the GBIF API. I found a previous discussion (Test download predicate parsing? - #2 by dnoesgaard ) from early 2020 where MattBlissett indicates that can be used for testing purposes. Is this still accurate?

If that is indeed the official url for testing the GBIF API, how often is that environment ‘reset’ to match the production data? Are there any limitations a developer should be aware of?

Any and all pointers would be appreciated.

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Hi @gpost

Yes you can use the UAT API for testing and you have the correct URL. The documentation is available here: GBIF REST API
We don’t have any schedule for synchronising production and test environment. I think possibly once a year. Note that not all the data from our production environment is available on our test environment.

If you are planning to test publishing data on GBIF, you will need to contact to ask us to set up permissions for your username. If you are testing accessing data, you don’t need specific permissions.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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Thank you @mgrosjean.

I would like to test publishing, so I will follow up with

Greg Post

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