Avons-nous besoin d'une catégorie distincte pour les discussions en français?

How does language affect the ability of non-native English speakers who use GBIF-mediated data to communicate, either with GBIF network staff or each other?

Do we need a separate category, at the same level as ‘Data use’ and the others? Should we encourage forum users to post topics in any language, and then rely our own language communities (or, if need be, machine translations) to bridge any communication gaps?

What do you think?

Please, no separate categories for languages!
Forum users should be free to post (any topic in any category) in their own language. English is our de facto esperanto and today’s machine translations are good enough to open this forum to all languages whenever necessary.


Merci, André! :grin:

Thanks for posting.

Would you say the same thing in reverse? That is, if someone manages to find their way to the forum and wants to post in a language other than English, is there any reason not to encourage them to do so? We can access Bing and Google translation engines just as easily, right?

Members of a given language community could likewise respond in kind.

Exaclty, we’re all adults. Aren’t we?

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