A Rare Opportunity: Illinois Natural History Survey is seeking a Director

Greetings GBIF Folks,

The Illinois Natural History Survey seeks a Director. The position offers administrative leadership, strategic vision, and research opportunities. Of direct interest to this GBIF community, please note that collections at INHS cover Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Fish, Mammals, Annelids, Crustaceans, Insects, Mollusks, Fossils, Fungi, and Plants. We’d appreciate you sharing this widely with colleagues and in your broader spheres-of-influence.

You can read more about the position:

The Illinois Natural History Survey is seeking a Director who will provide strategic direction and overall administration for the survey. The Director will also serve in a Principal Research Scientist role to administer survey research activities by conceiving, recommending, implementing, directing, and participating in scientific research focused on the selected candidate’s area of study while contributing to the overall scientific mission of the Prairie Research Institute.

The announcement and application instructions can be found at https://illinois.csod.com/ux/ats/careersite/1/home/requisition/9616?c=illinois. Applications must be submitted by 6:00 pm on April 30, 2024, to be considered.

We appreciate your support in helping us attract the most qualified applicants.

Thanks everyone,


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