Where are terms defined?

I am sorting through a large dataset, and struggling to come to terms with basisOfRecord. Looking through the help, it appears all roads lead to this page:


This page lists the recommended controlled vocabulary. But it doesn’t define any of the terms. I’m not sure what the difference is between:

  • HumanObservation
  • Occurrence
  • PreservedSpecimen

My data also includes:

  • Observation

Where are these (and other) terms defined?



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You can check the quick reference guide of TDWG Darwin Core Quick Reference Guide - Darwin Core and they have some of the definitions of the DwC vocabulary. Also you can check the GBIF repository of schemas, in particular this one for vocabulary of basisOfRecord: https://rs.gbif.org/vocabulary/dwc/basis_of_record_2022-02-02.xml.

Some of this definitions are a little too short, so we have some longer unofficial definitions for our publisher (in spanish) Estándar Darwin Core - SiB Colombia


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