What is the best option for document bacterias with serovar information?


We should like to know how different collections of microorganisms handle the taxonomy particularities of this groups, things like Serovars, Strains, etc.
In particular, we want to know if there is a best practice to document information of serovars in bacterias.

We have a dataset with serovars, but did not find recommendations on how to map this to DarwinCore. So, we put the Sv part in infraspecificEpithet with a commentary in identificationRemarks and Serovar in verbatimTaxonRank, but we are not sure if this is the best approach.

We want to know if someone have another way to do it or a manual of best practices for taxonomy in microorganisms.

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I would use Serovar in the taxonRank (not only the verbatimTaxonRank).
And format scientificName like Leptospira weilii serovar Celledoni (i.e. include the infraSubspecificRank in the name). In most cases the GBIF taxon backbone will not know the serovar and you will get a higher rank taxon match to the species or genus. But you will be able to search by the provided (verbatim) taxon name like this
Even though you put the serovar into the scientificName, it is still very good to also provide the infraspecificEpithet.

Thomas Stjernegaard Jeppesen


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