Ways to find checklist datasets with 'appendixCITES' values (in a Species Distribution extension)?

Hi all – We’re looking at ways to pull CITES/restriction info for a given set of taxa, but getting stuck. The Species Distribution extension (http://rs.gbif.org/extension/gbif/1.0/distribution_2022-02-02.xml) includes an ‘appendixCITES’ term, but anyone have thoughts/recommendations on:

  • datasets with values in the ‘appendixCITES’ term
  • whether an authoritative comprehensive CITES dataset / set of appendices if already somewhere on GBIF/elsewhere. (e.g. - https://api.speciesplus.net/documentation looks promising?)

Semi-related, it’s currently relatively easy to use the GBIF API to get threat-status values for a given taxon in the IUCN redlist dataset – e.g. https://api.gbif.org/v1/species/search?q=Echinus%20esculentus&datasetKey=19491596-35ae-4a91-9a98-85cf505f1bd3 …in case something in that vein works

Thanks for any help

Hi @kwebbink there isn’t a CITES dataset on GBIF. But I have logged an issue here: CITES in GBIF · Issue #5050 · gbif/portal-feedback · GitHub.

I had this issue open CITES API · Issue #1879 · gbif/portal16 · GitHub


Thanks Victor, I didn’t realise! I have referenced the issues.

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Thank you @mgrosjean maybe we could work on why gbif was blocked from the api as we (Ecuador) use GBIF as information resource for illegal traffic of species and having both the IUCN and cites is helpful on the exports.

Many thanks, Marie & Victor! (We’ll keep eyes on those issues, too)

And definitely agreed – having CITES (via GBIF’s API if possible?) would help for some of our collections management use cases. All ears if other details help.

Maybe a parallel API-reliability example: We struggled with the IUCN API (https://apiv3.iucnredlist.org) since users currently can’t request new keys. Using the GBIF-hosted Red List checklist dataset instead seems helpful for longer-term stability of integrations. That said, if the CITES dataset/s include more policy-oriented info with a different structure from existing checklists, so definitely interested to hear what helps.

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