Technical support hour for nodes - vote for your favourite topic!

We have some ideas for the coming support hours. Let us know what you would like to learn about and discuss. Please also suggest topics in the comments below or write to!

  • Hosted portals - what are they and is it for me?
  • Publishing freshwater data
  • Navigating the new technical documentation website
  • How to detect and solve formatting issues in your DwC-A
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Thank you - please keep in mind that the schedule might be limited by presenter availability and we cannot promise that the most popular topic will be the next session.


A session on how to use the API - if there has not already been one in the data use club?

There is a data use club practical session you may find useful - Data use club - practical session 3 - recording and resources. We were considering going through the API documentation in the tech docs, with practical examples.

@IsabelC The intro webinar that @cecsve is a great place to start!
Let us know if you would like to dive in a specific part of the API.