Surveys: Integrating Changes into Collections Databases: Challenges and Opportunities

Posting on behalf of Deb Paul (iDigBio) & Nicole Fisher (CSIRO)

The purpose of these surveys are to gather information from the collections community regarding your experience incorporating changes into your local collections databases. Our goals are to compile and share findings at SPNHC-TDWG 2018 as part of the SPNHC symposiumChallenges for Implementing Collections Data Quality Feedback: synthesizing the community experience.

Our interests are in the skills, processes, and resources needed (or missing) when collections staff work to integrate data from aggregators and/or crowd-sourced transcriptions back into their local databases. We plan to share the critical information collected in these surveys to help current and future programs design and implement improved data integration and data quality efforts. Many changes might need to be integrated into collection databases. These two surveys focus on :

  • data quality feedback suggestions from aggregators, and
  • information provided by crowdsourcing efforts (e.g., online transcription platforms),

Please take either questionnaire, or both, as is appropriate. Each survey is estimated to take a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Results will be shared at SPNHC-TDWG 2018 and with you as well if you provide contact information. 

Survey 1: Integrating Data Quality Feedback from Aggregators into Collection Databases

Survey 2:  Integrating Crowdsourced Data into Collection Databases

Thanks very much. In anticipation,
Deb Paul (iDigBio) & Nicole Fisher (CSIRO)