Statistics and graphics for Nodes

In the May issue of the support hour, the Data Products team will help you find and generate statistics and graphics for reporting on publishing and usage activities by Nodes, publishers and projects. The main goal is to let you know what is available where and how to access it.

Nodes can either ask a question by replying to this Discourse forum post or write to


Looking forward to it! I always have trouble finding the Zoom link…can you remind me where it is posted?

Hi @kdpearso it is by invitation which should have been sent to your Node manager. I will forward it to you.

Thank you very much this would be very helpful as me I’d like to know how to use the API or some easy way to have data from the country at

Species level
Administrative areas

Maybe some way to use the API (as I don’t know nothing about programming :sob:)

Generate graphics (R scripts maybe?)

I always look as the way @daiesco team make that amazing reports for Colombia .

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Hi @vechocho, thank you for the questions, we will try to cover the API for metrics in the session. If you have the time before Wednesday and if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend to check our introduction to the API recorded webinar: Data Use Club Practical Sessions: Introduction to the API, rgbif and pygbif on Vimeo

It will be really helpful to understand how to get started and what you might need.

Thank you for organizing! We are interested in:

  • cumulative graph showing the number of datasets published per year per node
  • number of data published per country per area - we are thinking about regional differences (e.g. MEASO areas) in amount of data available
  • statistics on data use
  • number of downloads per record, and per dataset (could also per node)
  • number of publications that use data from a node

Thank you and see you tomorrow!

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Thank you very much @mgrosjean for the space. I was wondering if you can share with us the word document you used in the presentation, to have the links and explore them further.

Also, from SiB Colombia we want to share this python script that we have built, is used to call all resources published by a country and extract some metrics (number of records per dataset, cites by organization, publication date and last modified). It is really tailored to our needs, but it has comments (in spanish) along the process. We hope it is useful to someone or can serve as inspiration.


thank you very much Esteban

Thank you @EstebanMH-SiB ! We will share the document, transcript of the questions as well as the edited video as soon as we can. We are a bit behind schedule.

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