Species Profile Model

I remember that in the past, once IPT provided terms in Species Profile Model, SPM, for mapping and publish. Now I find that seems no longer possible. Perhaps I missed communication of such a change, but I just want to check whether it’s still possible to 1) preserve SPM related information and prepare a validate-able Darwin Core Archive, and 2) publish the DwC-A through GBIF?

(Thought about writing to helpdesk@gbif.org, but let me try here first. Hope this draw attention from the engine room.)

BTW - I am not sure about my memory either. Please laugh if IPT indeed never supports SPM. :smiley:

ringing the engine room now (they’re to warp nine already)

The species profile is a registered extension: http://rs.gbif.org/extension/gbif/1.0/speciesprofile.xml

You should be able to add it to your IPT, if it’s not already there, using the /admin/extensions.do (“Core types and extensions” / “核心類別與延伸集”) page.

I see references to the extension in the source code for Checklist Bank, so I assume it does something, but I’ve never investigated what it can do.

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Oh thank you, @MattBlissett! Obviously I forgot that extensions can be installed! Poor me.

So what I was looking for is the description extension with the vocabularies allowing me to specify types of description: http://rs.gbif.org/vocabulary/gbif/description_type.xml

All good.

The SpeciesProfile Extension and the Species Profile Model are totally different. What was the Species Profile Model has become the controlled vocabulary for the “type” term in the Descriptions extension which you have located at
http://rs.gbif.org/vocabulary/gbif/description_type.xml. There were originally 33 types in the SPM but I see now there are 38.

This is a topic of discussion by the TDWG Species Information Interest Group. We will be discussing these topics at the TDWG Meeting in Dunedin, New Zealand at the end of this month. Hope you can be there.