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This blog post covers the publication of multimedia on GBIF. However, it is not intended to be a documentation. For more information, please check the references below.

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Interesting post. Probably will be very useful for data publishers.


Super relevant and useful. Although not intended to be documentation, it’s the best documentation on the subject I’ve seen :wink:


Thanks for this useful summary!
If there is one thing I would still wish for, it is a very simple, direct example of a concrete case, to show what that could look like when configuring data for publishing through, and what it shows up at (facet filter search, image gallery). That could be just a screenshot of the multimedia section on a page like, maybe listing the other supported values under the “Type” again, and a few more examples of what else could go under Format in the concrete case. Maybe it could also show where those values come from in the mapping of e.g. a simple multimedia extension (another screenshot?). Nothing all-encompassing and extensive, just the illustration of one concrete case.


Thanks for the comment!
I updated the post with the illustrated example you suggested.